The plane ride was from Oslo to Amsterdam, and on to Manila.

The problems started in Amsterdam. It had started snowing at Schiphol when we disembarked the plane from Oslo, and by the time we should have left 2.5 hours later, it had snowed enough for the airport to be closed. The planes had to be cleared of snow (de-iced), and with a lot of planes in front of us, we were delayed 4 hours before we could finally take off.

But at least we got to go to Manila. There were many empty seats on our flight, because a snow storm in Stockholm had stranded the passangers there.

By the time it was our turn to be de-iced, it had started getting dark.

Our next problem was that one suitcase had not arrived. It was the one containing all the clothes and tripod stuff of Řyvind, so we had to go shopping to get something decent to wear for the big party that Malou had arranged for the next day. And we had to eat, of course.

The next day started with breakfast, and then a visit at Mommy's grave.

The Reunion

And then there was a BIG reunion party! The venue was at a Charter House owned by Lucio Tan, with an outdoor roof top swimming pool to cool off in, should the need arise.

Malousky orchestrated the reunion bringing together the Manalos, the Mejias, the deGuzmans, the Perez's, the Piezas, the Guloys etc. etc., all at one place and at one time, making the bonds closer to the mother (Manalo) and father (Mejia) sides.

Nighttime, and there was a need to eat again.

We spent quite a while on the road, and suddenly this motorcycle with passenger popped up in front of us.

Going to Baguio.

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