Sights in Sagada.

Hanging coffins

After breakfast, we sent to see the hanging coffins in Sagada.

While Řyvind and Henry went down to look at the hanging coffins, the ladies waited up on the road.

The cave

The cave in Sagada is famous, and of course we had to try it. But unfortunately, we hadn't done our homework, so we did not really know what awaited us. As it were, Řyvind had brought way too much camera equipment - it was heavy, and it was not water proof. When we got to a place inside the cave where we had to pass a cliff tilting 45°, with a 2 meter deep pool below, he decided that it wasn't worth risking all the equipement to pass this point, so we turned around and went back up.

Small rice terraces

Lunch and other activities in Sagada

Rock formations at Rock Inn

Going back to Baguio.

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