Øyvind and GI Tryti.

This site is divided into 3 distinct part: Two for Øyvind's hobbies - HiFi and photography, and one for family and friends.

DIY high end speaker cable and interconnect

Make your own high end speaker cables and interconnects. The speaker cables are very low cost, but there is a trade off - they take quite a lot of work to make. But it is worth it, if the rest of your system is up to these cable's quality, and you don't have silly money to pay for store bought high end speaker cables.
The interconnects are fairly easy to make, and are also cheap, the main expense being the plugs you use.


The other sections of this site contain pictures to illustrate a story, or an article on how to make something, or simply as a diary of what happened on a certain occasion. This section is for photography for it's own sake - portraits, landscapes, places, animals, plants, panoramas etc.

Family and friends stuff

This section is the main purpose of this site - to keep in contact with family and friends around the world. Whenever we have something that we would like to share, we will add it here, and perhaps post a message on the family bulletin boards that the site has been updated.