Pilgrimage to Assisi

We went on a pilgrimage to Assisi mid October 2016.

We arrived late on Saturday October 14, and had dinner at Casa Terziario before turning in for the night.

Day one

The first full day we went to Gubbio, about 50 km away by road. It was a foggy morning on the way to our bus.


In Gubio we had a guided tour, where we amongst other sights also saw the wolf that the story about Assisi and the wolf stems from.

Back in Assisi, we went around to see the night time views.

Day two

We had morning mass at the crypt at the Basilica, and afterwards we went around Assisi on our own.

Day three

We took the local bus down to Portiuncula, and had a mass at 10 am in the chapel 'S. Chiara'.

In the afternoon, we went down to San Damiano for vespers.

Day four

Today the main group went on a walk from Assisi to Spello, but GI wasn't up to that kind of strenous walking, so instead we went back to the Basilika. Later on that day Øyvind went to see the Rocca Maggiore.

Day five

The last full day in Assisi. We went back to San Damiano to see the place in daylight.

After dinner it was time for a group picture.

Day six

The morning of our return home was clear up in Assisi, but with the valley below shrouded in fog.

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