Trip to Australia.

We visited close family in Australia the spring of 2014.

6/4 Changi Airport, Singapore

7/4 First day of sightseeing

8/4 Visit at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

9/4 Day trip to Blue Mountains

10/4 Powerhouse Museum

12/4 Shopping and eating

13/4 Shopping at Market City

14/4 A day on our own

15/4 Bondi Beach

16/4 Taronga Zoo

18/4 Church hopping on Easter Sunday

19/4 Raffy arrives

20/4 More shopping at Market City

21/4 Øyvind goes sightseeing alone

22/4 Dinner and a visit at the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Dinner at the restaurant where Bernie is a chief cook.

24/4 Birthday party for Samantha


26/4 An evening out at Sydney Harbour

27/4 Last day shopping and eating

28/4 Going home

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