Paula's debut

The Grand Hotel, located at the heart of the city of Oslo, was the venue for the 18th birthday celebration of Paula-Maria Estrella Mejia Tryti.

Eighteen years ago, it was just a dream. Last June 5, 2004, it became a reality. 18 may just be a number to many of us, but for all young girls, this means everything. It signifies independence, freedom and opportunities to do more things and a transition from being girls to women. A little bit scary, yes, but nevertheless, exciting. The evening's celebration, marks this momentous event in Paula's life and we wish to share this turning point of our daughter's life to you all.

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The guests at the party.

The entrance of the debutant and cotillioneres.

The next part of the program takes place in the Rococo hall.

The 18 roses say their thing, and dance with the debutant.

After the program, time has come for the group pictures.

The 18 candles present their gift.

The birthday cake.

The ninongs and 'uncles' dance with the debutant.

Show and dance.

Disco and funny group pictures.

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