On monday we started our road trip to Baguio and the Mountain province. Řyvind and GI, and Ate Fel together with Henry Tabuno and ParSimon (the driver).

The trip was made longer by the tricycles that were everywhere, and had to be overtaken, because they were mostly moving at a modest speed. And the air was always full of smoke from trash being burnt at the roadside everywhere.

Finally, after dark, we arrived Baguio, and had dinner at a restaurant before turning in for the night.


Tuesday we were invited for brunch at a hotel, by Maricris, a cousin.

Baguio Cathedral

Ambuklao dam

We went to the Ambuklao dam, with Maricris and Wawa (Joanna) as our guides.

The dam was built in 1956, but an earth quake in 1990 damaged it, so that it was closed down in 1999.

In 2008 rehabilitation started, and the power plant was reopened in June 2011.


Unexpected lunch at a roadside 'karinderia'.


Merienda inside Camp John Hay.

Butterfly Sanctuary

This was a weird place. It had a 'handler' that would place butterflies on the visitors, so that they could be taken pictures of.

Monastary of the Pink Sisters

A midnight collation before going to bed. Ate Oyls and Chinkee have arrived to join us on the trip to Sagada.

Trip to the Mountain Province and Sagada.

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