Olongapo - Subic Bay.

We stayed 2 nights at Subic Holiday Villas, courtesy of Ate Fel.


The first sight of the day was the zoo, which of course had to be called 'Zoobic'.

Zoobic raises their own tigers, and at our visit had some 40+ tigers. Visitors can be photographed with the cubs if they so wish.

We went on the tiger safari, which was a jeepney that drove into the out-door tiger enclosure. Here a tiger was fed a whole chicken through the bars on the vehicle.

Only a few tigers are out at any time, when they have had enough chickens, they are swapped with hungrier tigers.

Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure was a very nice aquatic park. There were a number of show involving sea lions dolphins etc.

This was geared towards kids, but it was great fun for adults too. One of the best shows was an eco theater, where various animals were shown explaining how they live, and also performing tricks. All kinds of animals from snakes, bats, eagles to cats and dogs were shown. The video clip is of a flying fox (a fruit bat).

Going around in Manila.

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