The Tryti's holiday in the Philippines 2019.

First evening we saw the sunset at Manila bay, and had supper with some relatives.

Second day started with a visit at Manila Ocean Park, and then a visit to the columbarium where Lola Ating and Raffy are interred.

Third day started with a visit at the Pio Padre church.

Fourth day was spent going across Manila on a point to point bus.

On the fifth day we went on a tour to Corregidor island.

On the sixth day we had breakfast at a farmers market, followed by a reunion lunch.

Today we go to Baguio.

First day of church hopping.

Second day of church hopping.

Third day of church hopping.

Last day of church hopping.

First day in San Nicolas.

Second day in San Nicolas.

First day in Bambang.

Going to the Banaue rice terraces.

Going back to Bambang.

Crossing the to Dalton Pass.

Sights in Baguio.

A visit at the BenCab museum.

First day of the Panagbenga festival.

Second day of the Panagbenga festival.

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