First road trip of 2020.

Day one, June 9 2020.

When we drive to 'Vestlandet', Sognefjorden, we normally drive to Lærdal the first day. This is about 4 hours driving, so we take breaks at the Tesla superchargers at Gol and Lærdal.

At Gol there is a rest area near the supercharger, we take our lunch there. In fact, we often drive there just to have a picnic frying up steaks and hamburgers on our portable gas grill while the car is charging for the return trip.

At Lærdal we have dinner at the restaurant next to the charging station.

We checked in at Lærdal Ferie- og Fritidspark. This was Øyvind's lesson number one not to book cheap hotels. The room itself was not horrible, but the clientele was. The kitchen area the next morning was a disaster area, with empty food wrappings and food laying everywhere. We will not be using this place again.

We were early enough in Lærdal, that we could drive one of the 18 Scenic Routes, Aurlandsfjellet. This is best driven from Lærdal to Aurland, and the plan was to drive the Lærdal tunnel back (worlds longest road tunnel, 24.5 km long). But there was still a lot of snow, so we turned around and went back after driving a little more than half.

This road is winter closed, and was opened only 6 days before we drove it.

Day two, June 10 2020.

Øyvind started the day with some geocaching, which led him to places with a view over lærdal.

Today we were going through Vik, where Øyvind's father is buried. This requires two ferries, and as always, GI has to have her 'svele' and coffee. The remains of the svele from the first ferry was finished at a rest area between the ferries.

We spent the night at Flåm camping, a youth hostel. We had our own room with bath, but this was Øyvind's lesson number two not to book cheap hotels. The room had bunk beds, we were given linens and had to make up the beds ourselves. And clear them out the next morning.

Day three, June 11 2020.

Today we drove home again, driving a different route over the mountains. Still a lot of snow and ice.

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