Second road trip of 2020.

Day one, June 18 2020.

On this trip we were going to drive another of the national tourist roads of Norway, Atlanterhavsveien (the Atlantic road). We drove to Åndalsnes, and on the way we had lunch while the car charged at Peer Gynt Hotel og Spiseri. Later on we stopped by a river that was so full of melt water that a picnic table was well into the water.

In Åndalsnes we stayed at 'Grand Hotell Bellevue' (Øyvind had learned his lesson from the first road trip), and the car was charged at a local supercharger getting ready for the next days driving.

Day two, June 19 2020.

Getting to the start of the Atlantic road required some driving and a ferry. And of course, GI got her 'svele'.

Near the start of the Atlantic road (starting from Bud), there is a rest area, Kjeksa rasteplass. This one is unusual, it does not have the traditional picnic tables, instead there is a sort of low wall around a central area. Presumably there is often a lot of wind here.

Here we brought out our portable gas grill, and prepared lunch.

Atlanterhavsvegen consists of a chain of islands connected by 7 bridges. Eldhusøya is an island that is wheel chair frendly, with a ramp going around the entire island. It offers a good view of Storseisundbrua, arguably the most famous of the 7 bridges.

Day three, June 20 2020.

We spent the night in Surnadal. I selected the hotel for it's charging station, where we could charge the car and be ready for the trip home.

The room was very hot, and breakfast next morning was served in the restaurant across the street. Because of Covid, breakfast was delivered on a plate, no getting anything from a buffet.

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