Second road trip of 2021.

Paula lived in Bodø for a year, taking her 'LIS 1' (Lege I Spesialisering). We drove to Bodø to visit, and also to go through Lofoten.

Day one, July 14 2021.

It takes 16 hours to drive to Bodø, so we drive two days of 8 hours each.

We stopped to eat and charge the car in Alvdal, and our final destination for the day was Steinkjer.

Day two, July 15 2021.

We had lunch at Pan Thai take away kafe while the car charged at the supercharger nearby.

We crossed the arctic circle, and had to have a look at the center there.

Last charge stop was in Saltdal.

Day three, July 16 2021.

Today we all went to Saltstraumen. Paula and Andreas had a rented car, so we could all go. Christian had arrived by train.

Lunch was at Kjelen Kafe.

Day four, July 17 2021.

Day 4 (and 5) was spent locally in Bodø. We ate at Bryggerikaia, where GI had a large pot of mussels.

Day six, July 19 2021.

Today we took the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes. We had reserved a spot on the ferry (additional fee) to make sure we would be on the ferry. Turned out the weather was so poor that there were no 'walk ins', plenty of space on the ferry.

Well ashore, we went to Å, which is as far south as we could get with the car. Then, going north, we passed Reine.

We spent some time at Ramberg.

Our final destination for the day was Nusfjord Arctic Resort.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort is a high end hotel/resort, and offers a number of cabins that are converted boat houses. We rented one of these cabins.

Our cabin had separate bedroom and living room.

Dinner was at Restaurant Karoline.

Day seven, July 20 2021.

After breakfast at Restaurant Karoline, we embarked on the next leg of our trip. We were going to Scandic Svolvær, where we would stay 2 nights.

We stopped for lunch (nudles and mashed potato) at Torvdalshalsen rest area and viewpoint.

We spent two nights at Scandic Svolvær. We had a room at sea level with a balcony.

Day eight, July 21 2021.

Today we drove around with Svolvær as our base. We found 'Den Katolske Kirke i Lofoten' (The Catholic church in Lofoten).

Day nine, July 22 2021.

Today we drove back to Bodø. A much shorter ferry ride this time (around an hour).

Day ten was spent with family in bodø, and on day eleven we started on the trip back home to Oslo, where we arrived on day twelve.

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