We went on a road trip to Solund the summer of 2019.

Solund is an island archipelago at the mouth of Sognefjorden, the world's second longest fjord. It was created during the ice age, when the glacier excavated the fjord on it's way to the sea, and dumped the excavated rock at the mouth of the fjord.

First day we drove over the mountains to Lærdal, where we charged the car and spent the night. First stop was at Vik by Tyrifjorden, where we had a hot lunch purchased at a store we had just passed.

The next day we travelled the length of Sognefjorden to Solund. This trip takes 3 ferries (or 2, if you don't mind a rather long detour), the last one is an hour long.

When we arrived at Solund, our first stop was Hersvikbygda. Øyvind's mother was born and raised on Steinsøyna, a small island a little further north, reachable only by boat. She is buried at the church in Hersvikbygda, next to her mother, Sofie Steinsøy, and we wished to light a candle for her.

After that, we went on our way to Hardbakke, which would be our base while we were in Solund.

There is a postal boat that transports mail and passengers around the archipelago. In the summer season, it will give guided tours along with the general duty of transporting mail and passengers. It starts at Hardbakke, and goes to Bulandet with an extended stop at Gåsvær, and back to Hardbakke.

First extended stop at Gåsvær. Here we could buy 'svele' (a sort of thick pancake) and coffee, and of course GI had to have both.

On to Bulandet.

That evening Øyvind went on a hike into the hills to find a cache.

The next day we had planned on exploring the islands we could reach by car, but unfortunately GI had developed a very persistent and annoying cough, so we had to go straight home.

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