Pictures from the pilgrimage to Stiklestad 2002.

We arrived at Hommelvik in the afternoon of July 27 2002 at Rita's house, where we stayed the evening, and most of us also the night. First an out door mass was held, and afterwards we grilled and generally enjoyed ourselves the rest of the evening. The night was for many spent in a tent, 4 tents were erected in the garden. We were given the smallest one, a 2 person tent.

The next day we went to Stiklestad, and a procession went the last mile or so to the play grounds.

A mass was celebrated at the St. Olav chapel by Bishop Møller of Trondheim.

After the mass, and before the play started, everyone rested and attempted to avoid the heat.

Some scenes from the play depicting the life and death of St. Olav.

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