Pictures from the area around our summer house.

Late in 2001 we bought a summer house. This is our second summer house, the first one wasn't so well suited for us, so we sold it in 2000. We had had it for 5 years, but found out that a large house with garden doesn't really go well together with a summer house - there is always something that needs to be done both places.

We moved to a flat in the middle of Oslo in January 2001 (Øyvind inherited it), and it didn't take long for G-I to start looking for a new summer house. After a few months of searching we found a nice summer house. It is situated by the Tyrifjord, one of the largest lakes in Norway, and only 1 hour car ride away from our flat.

We have now sold this summer house too (September 2020), we had it for 19 years, but age takes it's toll, and we (Øyvind) was no longer able to keep up with the maintenance required. Someone with small children that likes the area made us an offer, and we accepted.

This page contains pictures from this area - it is very varied with fresh water, rivers, woodland and agricultural areas in close proximity.

There is a fringe of pine and spruce woods surrounding the lake. It consists of large, old and in some cases contorted trees.

Although it is a summer house, we pay a visit in winter too. It takes some time to warm it up, so this isn't something we do many times in the winter.

This virtual reality movie was made after we changed much of the furniture in the living room:

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