This summer (2009) we basically stayed at home, with frequent trips to our summer house. But we did take one short trip abroad, to a lovely place called Vadstena that lies on the coast of one of the large lakes in Sweden.

We stayed 2 nights at the guest house of the Birgittine nuns. We had all our meals there, and were treated to simple, healthy and quite inexpensive food.

Every guest were given a predefined seat in the dining room (a small sign with the room number), and every 2 days these signs would be moved about, so that people that stayed more than 2 days would not have the same dining companions the whole stay.

During the day we would walk around, Øyvind would take pictures, and create some panoramas.

The second day a large number of veteran cars and am-cars congregated around the castle. It had been raining quite heavily earlier in the day, leaving large puddles.

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