The Tryti's spring holiday in the Philippines 2012.

February is normally the coldest period in Norway, so we decided to flee the snow and go to the tropics for 3 weeks. We left February 3, and came home again February 25.
(I was slightly disappointed that it had not been cold at all in Oslo - the year before it had been -20°C in the same period.)

Trip and welcome party, in Manila.

On Monday we started our road trip, going to Baguio.

On Wednesday the trip to the Mountain Province and Sagada started.

Thursday was spent in Sagada, seeing the hanging coffins and the cave.

On Friday we went back to Baguio.

Saturday was spent shopping in Baguio.

On Sunday we travelled to Subic Bay.

Monday was spent seeing the sights at Subic Bay.

Tuesday was the start of a quiet period, going around Manila.

Next tuesday we went to play mahjong at Tita Cris.

All in all a wonderful three weeks. The road trip was action packed, and we got to see a lot of sights. We stopped wherever Řyvind wanted to take pictures, and wherever GI wanted to eat.

In Manila the pace was slower, so we could rest. Resting for GI was going to the malls, where Řyvind was placed in a café with wireless internet, while the ladies shopped (till they dropped). She even got her new teeth there!

GI also got to check in at Saint Luke's at The Fort, staying the night there. Naree checked out the results from the Holter, and could reassure GI that there was nothing wrong with her heart.

Thanks a lot, everybody that made this trip possible!

There has been one lasting effect for Řyvind after this trip - he is now officially done with carrying heavy camera equipment around. The Canon equipment is mostly sold now, and replaced by an Olympus OM-D EM-5 for photography, and a Panasonic GH2 for video (both are micro four thirds (M43, MFT) cameras), with an assortment of M43 lenses.

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